%100 Halal
KOFTE KEBAB Flat meatballs from freshly ground lamb, rice, salad
Gluten Free
CHICKEN SHISH KEBAB Marinated grilled chicken breast, salad, rice
Gluten Free
SHISH KEBAB Shish kebab from lamb, grilled vegetables, onions, flatbread $15
MIXED GRILL PLATTER Grilled chicken, grilled lamb meatballs, rice, salad
Gluten Free


%100 Halal
SOUDJOUK PIDE Mild Spicy Turkish sausage, mozzarella cheese $12.50
PHILLY CHEESESTEAK PIDE Philly Steak, onion $13.50
PASTIRAMI PIDE Turkish dried beef, mozzarella cheese $13.50
CHICKEN PIDE Marinated grilled chicken with mozzarella cheese $13.50
SPINACH PIDE Spinach with onions and feta cheese $13.50
MOZZARELLA PIDE Mozzarella cheese $10
MOZZARELLA & EGG PIDE Mozzarella cheese, egg $12.5
FETA CHEESE & EGG PIDE Feta cheese, egg, parsley $15
GROUND BEEF PIDE Ground beef, onion $13.50
ROASTED BEEF PIDE Slow roasted srloin, mozzarella cheese $15
MUSHROOM PIDE Mushroom, mozzarella cheese $12.5
VEGGIE PIDE Tomato, green papper, onion, mushroom, block olives $15
FLATBREAD PIZZA Ground lamb, tomato, green pepper, parsley $15


%100 Halal
TRADITIONAL PIZZA (Small) $16 Extra toppings: $2.5
Extra toppings Beef pepperoni, ground beef, philly steak, chicken, mushroom, green pepper, onion, tomato, black olive


KOFTE KEBAB WRAP Flat meatballs from freshly ground lamb, salad $11
SHISH KEBAB WRAP Shish kebab from lamb, salad $15
CHICKEN SHISH KEBAB WRAP Marinated grilled chicken breast, salad $10


HOUSE SALAD Lettuce, Tomato, Green pepper, Onion, Cucumber
Gluten Free
GRILLED CHICKEN SALAD Grilled Chicken, Lettuce, Tomato, Green pepper, Onion, Cucumber
Gluten Free